Anthroprophh is the named solo project for Paul Allen, lead guitarist and main riffwriter for The Heads.  Initially 4 track experiments in electronic music which has featured on Heads lp's (such as Assault on BS3) over the last 15 years, the latest incarnation takes on more conventional krautrock,spacerock influences with avant noise with a range instruments including guitars,analogue keys,bass, organ, percussion and found sounds. In 2011-2012 , a  couple of solo low-key gigs were followed by support from The Big Naturals extending the sound to an experimental rock trio. A solo vinyl lp with Rocket Records is planned for release next year with H O Morgan guesting from the Heads and The Big Naturals providing support too. Also a joint lp with the Big Naturals is being recording and more 3 piece gigs are lined up for 2012.


Big Naturals are a two piece experimental noise rock band from bristol comprising of jesse webb (fuck off drums but don`t take it personally)
and gareth turner (fuzz bass/electronics and sex chat).
hear the night roar >> taken from the self titled debut lp

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Big Naturals - ''Hear the Night Roar''
video by Paul Allen 



...are you a stone or a sponge? do you want to soak up new experiences?
Gareth 'Gim" Turners sonic solo swash, obviously Kraut comes to mind but this
heavily tattooed offensive beatnik baldy delivers sounds that other Bristol
noiseniks only dream of...does this mean the end of the Big Naturals?.....

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